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Know the Rules: Legal Responsibilities for Managers & Supervisors

When we bring this program to your organization, we will work with you to customize this training and will utilize your company’s forms throughout the training. We are also able to provide you with feedback about your forms and processes and can work with you to make any changes necessary.



In today’s workplace, one in five supervisors or managers can expect to be named in some form of employment-related charge or litigation. Often, these employment-related claims result in employer liability as well as substantial legal expense. It may not be possible to eliminate all potential employment litigation; however, all managers and supervisors can take steps to reduce legal exposure. In this session, we’ll cover these six legal pitfalls to avoid: (1) Interviewing & Hiring, (2)Poor Documentation, (3) Inaccurate or Inflated Appraisals, (4) Privacy/Confidentiality Breaches, (5) Inapproriate Social Media or Cell Phone Use, and (6) Incorrect Employee Discipline.



In this interactive session, we will cover how to:


  • Ask only proper questions, and understand the ins and outs of what it means to legally select and interview candidates.
  • Maintain airtight documentation of interviews, warnings, and disciplinary actions (including how to avoid documentation errors that expose you and the organization to increased legal liability).
  • Set goals and expectations fairly and be honest in your ratings/conversations with your employees.
  • Protect employee privacy rights and prevent confidentiality breaches.
  • Determine what would constitute cell phone overuse, and what can/can’t be said on social media about you/your organization (we can incorporate your organization’s social media policy).
  • Deal confidently, fairly, consistently, and decisively with unacceptable employee conduct or performance.

Note: This session is great as a review or refresher or follow-up to the core management & supervisory programs.