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Change is Hard: Guide Your Team through Complex Times



Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  Mr. Churchill didn’t have a clue how quickly change would be happening today!  The pace of change in our personal and professional lives today is more than remarkable, yet many of us still don’t know how to deal with change.  In our organization’s today, leaders and employees alike face growing responsibilities not only for managing change, but also initiating needed changes to keep our organizations moving forward.  Understanding and leading change isn’t a nice to know, it’s an essential skill to have in today’s economy.  Come to this interactive session on “Leading Change” to find out more!



Upon completion of this program, participants will have learned:


  • How to answer the question, “Why do we have to go through all this change?”
  • People’s three main concerns when a change is announced and how to communicate the change so you are immediately addressing their first concern.
  • How rumors get started when change is happening and the best way to combat them.
  • The three types of change, and how to better communicate based on the type of change you are experiencing.
  • More about the transition process people go through in any type of change and what to do if people haven’t let go or get stuck in the “black hole” of the change.
  • How much resistance to expect in any change effort and what to do with the squeaky wheels.