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Tools for Development

We have found that many “ah ha!” moments (and behavior changes) come from people gaining insights into their thoughts and actions. The areas where they, personally, have strengths and opportunities to improve.

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  • $11/pp
  • I-Speak® Questionaire
  • Designed to increase self-awareness and identify the styles of others, the questionnaire can be used as the basis for discussions that will help you to: maximize the strengths of your preferred communication style and minimize the drawbacks.

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  • $1095/pp
  • Voices 360 Feedback
  • We have used a variety of 360º assessments over the years, and we are excited to share with you that this 360 product has been the BEST we’ve used – by far. Call us if you’d like more details. We’d love to share with you how this assessment has helped leaders.

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A testimonial from Chris Roelke, Dean of the College and Professor of Education at Vassar College, New York:

VOICES 360 is a powerful professional development tool. The process fosters important opportunities for self-reflection and objective assessment of leadership performance. The data generated are clear and concise and provide tangible guidance for directing professional development priorities moving forward. PeopleWorks and their expert staff were super helpful throughout.