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The manual is used by students to interpret their scores and to gain valuable insight into their own styles. In the process, they are introduced to all 4 styles and how to recognize these different styles in others.  Study methods are provided to use in a variety of situations to promote effective interaction with others having different styles.  Self development exercises are also included to allow participants to continue to perfect their skill and to prepare for real-life business situations.


This self-scoring questionnaire gives a personal profile of your predominant communication style: Intuitor, Thinker, Senser, or Feeler, as well as a back-up and “under stress” style. Designed to increase self-awareness and identify the styles of others, the questionnaire can be used as the basis for discussions that will help you to: maximize the strengths of your preferred communication style and minimize the drawbacks, understand other communication styles and needs of those styles, and develop more successful relationships. Learn how differences can enhance or hinder your ability to work and live others.