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The Focal 360

The Focal 360 feedback tool is a powerful web-enabled competency-based, research-validated 360º assessment which provides a leader or potential leader with critical data for leadership development and management improvement. Objective feedback is a cornerstone process in stimulating leaders and people toward self-improvement, job enhancement and career success.

The Focal 360º feedback process reveals how each leader’s job behaviors are perceived by those around them.  Using this tool, we can customize which behaviors/questions are included on the 360.  Your leaders will only be assessed on those areas that are relevant to them.  In addition, a learner can see how the ratings of others compare to their own ratings.

The Focal 360 measures 5 leadership competency areas:  Knowledge & Strategy, Character, Interpersonal, Clarity & Purpose, and Execution.

A one and a half hour, one-on-one feedback session (via a Zoom meeting) with Kathy Peterson, of PeopleWorks, is included to ensure you understand how to read the reports and begin an action plan.

360 Feedback

  • Price: $850.00
    Call for quantity discounts and on-site feedback session options.

The Focal 360 Feedback Tool

We have used a variety of 360º assessments over the years, and we are excited to share with you that this 360 product has been the BEST we’ve used – by far. Call us if you’d like more details. We’d love to share with you how this assessment has helped leaders to make real, meaningful changes in their leadership behavior/skills.


A pdf copy of the report.

Clearly see highest and lowest competencies.

Customize which behaviors/questions are included on the 360. Leaders will only be assessed on those areas that are relevant to them.

Gain deep insights with analysis of each competency with blind spots and hidden strengths all in one place.

View each rater group’s perspective, with an indication of the consistency of agreement within those groups.

Allow a participant to revisit thoughts and ideas from their feedback session with room for notes.

Leverage group reports to draw powerful inferences about group strengths and weaknesses that show skill levels for the competencies that are crucial to the group’s success and make comparisons to Focal 360's normative data for similar groups.