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Be Change Ready



No matter how well we map our course, every journey brings with it a few surprises, unexpected detours, and crossroads with no clear signposts. Each situation you encounter brings new opportunities for learning, growth, and success. What can you do to flourish in whatever change tosses you? This program will help you learn how to maintain high productivity and rebound from the demands of change. We’ll discuss a structured approach to developing change resilience, including how to be better prepared to respond to continuous change, and how to stay up when things are feeling really upside down.



In this program we will cover:


  • Your three main concerns when a change is announced, and how to get your #1 concern answered so you can support changes more quickly.
  • Why people start rumors/gossip when there is change and how to stop this (or not participate in it).
  • The three types of change.  Each attendee will share examples of different changes they have experienced in the past, and will reflect on how we can use what we’ve learned about past changes to help us be more bulletproof during future changes.
  • Key points about the transition process we go through when faced with any type of change, and what can do to avoid getting stuck in the “black hole” of change.
  • How to stay positive throughout change, including five things you can do to stay “up”, despite changes making us feel like things are upside down!