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150+ Ideas for Low Cost or No Cost Recognition

· “Welcome to the team” flowers on the first day of work.
· Whenever something positive happens, put it in the “smile box” — read
once a week – draw one for a winner ($25 gift certificate).
· Put gold stars on employee computers or name badges along with
note of thanks.
· Brown bag welcoming lunch to meet new employees.
· Post a sign at entry with employee’s name.
· Have a group picnic with ice cream sundaes.
· Get to know exactly what an employee really wants.
· “You da” awards: Monthly trophy where individuals nominate one another.
· Written thank-you notes.
· The All-Star Award: $50 gift certificate and paperweight (quarterly with public announcement
in company newsletter).
· Department pizza party.
· Birthday club (to support department team building).
· Read letters from satisfied customers to all people at a team meeting.
· Do patient/customer survey and share the results with coworkers; post on the “Way to Go”
bulletin board.
· Star Program: If employees do something beyond their normal job, they are given a star in
public recognition.
· The Chief Operating Officer (COO) distributed ice cream to employees himself.
· Give an employee a giant Tootsie Roll.
· Golden Nugget award and certificate to employees who do an outstanding job.
· One-on-One Praising: Set interviews and meeting times with employees, who set the
· Dinner certificates.
· Continuous improvement team lunch.
· Trip to home office.
· Certificates for course completion.
· Shirts and jackets.
· Steak dinners.
· “Way to go” letter sent to individual and faxed to all locations.
· Vacation hours to be used whenever employee wants.
· Time off certificates.
· Safety Recognition Day: Upper management allows “goofy” hats, pies in face of managers,
· Thank-you notes: Challenge middle managers to write 10 notes before the next staff meeting.
· “Smile About It”: Secret shopper (retail) issues $50 certificate on the spot for great customer
· Coffee cups.
· Pass-around trophy.
· Publishers Excellence Award: If you make the company money.
· Employee of the Month: Free lunches for the month.
· Online greeting cards.