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This interactive, hands-on course will help participants discover the skills and techniques needed to effectively develop and deliver training to the adult learner – so they will retain it and do something with it! If you do any training or if you’d like to learn how to, this is a course for you! I’ll share many of my secrets and we’ll spend time talking about how to even make “dull” training fun and participant-focused.



As a result of this program, you should be able to:


  • Describe how adults learn and retain information best.
  • Explain the 4 Steps of the Accelerated Learning Cycle and how it can help make training and learning happen more quickly and effectively.
  • Determine (if you’re running short on time) what might be the most important step(s) not to skip, keeping in mind it’s not about getting through the material, it’s about what participants retain and understand and put into practice.
  • Prepare a motivational learning environment for training participants.
  • Enhance his/her training by implementing key facilitation and presentation techniques.
  • List strategies for dealing with 3 difficult types of trainees.
  • Identify the qualities of effective visual aids.
  • Use variety and fun to ensure his/her upcoming training sessions (for both the trainer and the trainee).

Don’t take Our Word For It…  What Our Clients Say About This Program:

“Kathy Peterson presented a full day of Train the Trainer to 20 of our staff who do various types of training. We learned valuable training techniques from her presentation and the from the examples she used in her own training throughout the day. She stressed the importance of creating a motivational learning environment, spending time preparing, and developing training for the various types of learning styles. We also discussed the benefits of having clear goals for your training and making the training focused on the audience instead of the presenter. Kathy gave us great ideas to make our training interactive, visual, and simply more interesting. Many of the things we learned were simple changes we could make immediately, other things we will implement as we develop future training. I am confident that we will continue to use more of the ideas and concepts from Kathy’s training and that our future training will be much more effective. I would definitely recommend this training.”  Marcia Cates, VP of Marketing, United Bank of Iowa


“After attending The Secrets of Developing, Designing, & Delivering Effective Training, I was so excited to implement all the great tips and techniques you taught us. We totally changed how we presented the information, we changed the handouts, got rid of the PowerPoint that we always used, and made it very interactive with group activities. We only spent about a day planning and making the changes. It was so easy to do! A participant evaluation from our training said, ‘You two did an amazing job today’.  Not only do I think the participants got more out of the training, but I enjoyed presenting the information even more.”   Hailee Sandberg, Early ACCESS Supervisor, Horizons – A Family Service Alliance