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LEAD (Leadership Exploration & Development)

You can’t drive in a nail very quickly or effectively without the correct tool. What if you tried every tool in the toolbox before finally finding a hammer? It would be frustrating and time consuming, that’s for sure.  Leadership by trial and error. Sound familiar? That’s how most leaders are trained. If you want something better for your leaders and your organization,  partner with PeopleWorks.  Be proactive and give them the right tools to help them be star leaders – even before they become “formal” leaders, without the frustration and in less time.


Today, other than more work, what is there for your high potential/high performers?  The answer is usually just more work!  You should be investing in your best – they are most deserving of it.  And, why not get them ready for the next level (leadership), BEFORE they get there?  Developing your best is the right answer.

In training, your high performing/high potentials will discover proven, cutting-edge processes and approaches through small group interaction, shared personal experiences, guest speakers, individual and group exercises, games, videos, book assignments, homework (and homework presentations to work on presentation skills and ensure accountability), and facilitator-led discussions.


This program has a proven track record of helping people and organizations facilitate change and grow formal and informal leaders.  It’s changed organizational cultures.  It’s changed people’s work AND personal life.  Retention of the best employees?  We’ve had participants who’ve had job offers with other companies, and have turned them down, because of their participation in this program.


This training is targeted specifically to help grow leadership skills of your high potential/high performers.   We always customize these programs to your organization and would fit the timing to your needs — the sample below reflects conducting this training with a few other clients.  Contact us to learn more!

 Intro Meeting

In this initial meeting, there is a one-on-one with Kathy, the LEAD member,  and their manager.  During this meeting, we will introduce the program and lay out the expectations of the manager and attendee, & learn about the attendee’s  leadership goals.  The first book will be assigned.

Training #1

  • COLORS – Your Style and How to Lead a Team of Different COLORS (or review of your organization’s personality tool, if you use the DiSC, PI, Myers-Briggs,…)
  • What Leadership Is
  • Building Trust
  • Spotlight on the Values: Be prepared to report next time on your company value ______. What does it mean to you?  How do you see it in action?  Bring pictures or be prepared to share specific examples.
  • Assignment: Interview a manager you admire and a strong individual contributor (who doesn’t necessarily want to be a manager). Report back next month.  Book assignment.
  • Guest Speaker: ______

Training #2

  • Building Accountability
  • Leading Change
  • Homework Reporting.
  • Spotlight on the Values.
  • Assignment: Sometime between now and next training, go visit with someone who does a job or works in an area you’d like to know more about. Spend ½ a day with them.  Book assignment.
  • Guest Speaker: ______

Training #3

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Coaching
  • Homework Reporting.
  • Spotlight on the Values.
  • Assignment: You will receive 360 feedback reports next month. Be prepared to share  2-3 SMART leadership goals you will work toward, who your key stakeholders are, and be prepared to share updates on these goals as we meet in future months, as well.
  • Guest Speaker: ______

Training #4

  • Difficult People, Difficult Conversations
  • Visit/Learn about your industry from an industry expert
  • Homework Reporting.
  • Spotlight on the Values.
  • Assignment: Talk to someone good at difficult conversations (what do they do?), report on a difficult conversation you had and what you used from our training (no need to share details). Book assignment.
  • Guest Speaker: ______

This outline gives you an idea of the structure of the program.  There are typically four more training topics/programs, covering: Finance for Non-Financial Leaders, Strategic Planning Process, Generations, Time/Stress Management, Building a Team, Interview & Selection, & Leading Effective Meetings.  Typically attendees also have a leadership 360 feedback assessment, a couple of one-on-ones with the Kathy, and a one-on-one with the CEO.  There is also an opportunity for a project assignment, so attendees can gain experience leading something that will impact their team/workplace/company.


We would love to customize a LEAD plan to fit your company, culture, and industry!  Contact us to find out more…