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A lion will never be a fish, a bear will never be a squirrel, and an elephant will never be a mouse. We can learn a lot from the animal kingdom! Each animal is created to be the animal it is intended to be – each with different strengths. And so it is with you. Don’t compare yourself with others and wish you had the strengths (or personalities) they have. Your focus should be your own unique strengths and qualities.


Leading with Your Strengths boils down to four things: (1) knowing what your strengths are; (2) knowing how to apply your strengths; (3) realizing when you need to be a follower; (4) valuing others strengths. In this program, after you complete a mini self-assessment to determine your “color”, we’ll engage in a fun and enlightening exercise where we will examine the characteristics and attributes of each color. Throughout the process, you will gain awareness that there are various ways that people lead/think/act and that you lead best when you aren’t trying to be something you’re not, but rather from who you really are. In order to truly succeed in our organizations and in our lives, it’s essential that we understand how we are different so we can utilize our talents to achieve satisfaction and success.