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When we bring this topic to your organization, we will work with you to customize this program and are happy to incorporate your company’s forms into the training. We are also able to provide you with feedback about your forms and processes and can work with you to make any changes necessary.



Have a problem employee but aren’t sure what to do? Not sure when to begin discipline or what to document when dealing with employees? This is the program for you! We will discuss specific strategies that will help you work with employees to try to help them get back on track. These strategies include: documenting, coaching for improved performance, and applying progressive discipline. This program also includes guidelines for making a decision to terminate an employee if the employee chooses not to meet their expectations.



As a result of this program, you should be able to:


  • Describe the philosophy around performance improvement, including:  things aren’t always black and white, the vast majority of employees want to do a good job, and our role as leaders is to create an environment of support, not fear.
  • Understand and practice a four-step model in your conversations and documentation.  (Our case studies typically cover things like dealing with a bad attitude, offering up the EAP (Employee Assistance Program), and cell phone/social media usage…)
  • Determine how to make time to document, what should and should not be documented, and where to keep documentation.
  • Define discipline (how you define it often determines if or how much you avoid it).
  • List the reasons for and the stages of progressive discipline.
  • Identify things to think about before deciding to terminate an employee – to protect you and your organization.