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Everyone agrees that communication is a key factor for success both at work and at home. However, communication can be the core of stress and frustration, especially when there are snarled lines of communication. In this fun and educational program, participants will be led through a short assessment to determine his/her preferred communication style. This assessment will serve as a guide for an interactive discussion highlighting the legitimate differences and preferences that exist on our teams (and in our homes). Even though these differences can be sources of conflict and communication mishaps, in order to be successful (at work and in life), we must learn to improve our communication skills and interactions with people who are different from us. Your ability to strengthen rapport, build relationships, and clearly deliver your message will dramatically help you improve your personal impact.


Participants talk about the things they learned in this session months and years after attending – and it doubles as a great team building exercise!



As a result of this program, you should be able to:


  • Identify your preferred communication style and the implications of your style.
  • Build understanding and rapport with different types of communicators.
  • Recognize strengths, motivations, stressors, and frustrations of others.
  • Understand how to more clearly communicate with people who are different from you.
  • Have had the opportunity to work together with other members of your group, team, or organization!