We have used a variety of 360º assessments over the years, and we are excited to share with you that this 360 product has been the BEST we’ve used – by far.  Call us if you’d like more details.  We’d love to share with you how this assessment has helped leaders to make real, meaningful changes in their leadership behavior/skills.

VOICES® is a powerful web-enabled competency-based, research-validated 360º assessment which provides a manager with critical data for leadership development and management improvement. Objective feedback is a cornerstone process in stimulating leaders and people toward self-improvement, job enhancement and career success.

The Lominger 360º feedback process reveals how each leader’s job behaviors are perceived by those around them, and which of those behaviors are considered the most important for success. In addition, a learner can see how the ratings of others compare to their own ratings.

VOICES® provides access to the LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Library of 67 Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers that most impact job performance and promotion, 26 Clusters and 8 Factors.  As well, with minimal effort, an organization may also use their own definitions, competencies, and skills.

VOICES® is designed to provide each organization and ‘The Learner’ (i.e. the person being assessed or rated by others) with timely, confidential and accurate information pertinent to the leadership and career development of that person (this tool also works well for the development of people you are targeting for future leadership roles/positions).

The VOICES® assessment process provides a single CONFIDENTIAL report. VOICES® provides detailed feedback on competencies including skill ratings, narrative report, blind spots, hidden strengths, importance ratings, group summaries on skill ratings and importance ratings, emotional intelligence (EQ) report, comments by raters, the skill importance matrix, staller/stopper ratings, harmfulness ratings, and other graphical displays of the data.

Features and benefits of the VOICES® system include:

  • Simplified survey event setup
  • Fully customizable use any combination of Lominger’s or your own items
  • Two rating questions for VOICES®: Skill AND Importance
  • Customizable automatic email invitations to learners and raters
  • Customizable follow-up email reminders to raters who haven’t completed surveys
  • Visual feedback to raters as they complete the survey to help them see the distribution (spread) of their ratings to encourage full use of the scale
  • Up to 19 selectable report sections—including a Skill-Importance Matrix Report
  • Report, selections, and sequence can be customized for each learner
  • Fast and efficient reporting
  • A hard copy and a pdf copy of the report included
  • A one and a half hour, one-on-one feedback session (via phone) with Kathy Peterson, of PeopleWorks, is included to ensure you understand how to read the reports and begin an action plan
  • Group reports are available (approximately $60/report) to show group trends and analyze the group’s needs

For More Information:

VOICES 360º Sample Report [PDF]

Voices 360 Feedback

  • Price: $899.00 Quantity:
    Call for quantity discounts and on-site feedback session options.

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